Eligibility to Sell

Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)

Sellers must have met the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) before granting the OTP to Buyers. The MOP is calculated from the date you collect the keys to the flat. It excludes any period that the flat is not occupied by the flat owners, such as when the whole at is rented out or when there is any infringement of the at lease.


To ascertain if you have met the MOP, Sellers may submit an e-Request online via HDB e-Service: Computation of Occupation Period for Purpose of Resale

Housing Plan

Before selling the flat, Sellers must consider their next housing plans and any interim housing (if necessary). If Sellers are planning to buy another HDB at, they have to check the following:
• Their Eligibility to Buy
• Their Eligibility for Housing Loan from HDB / Banks
• Whether the remaining lease of the flat they intend to buy (especially those that have less than 60 years of remaining lease) would affect their use of CPF and the taking up of a housing loan. Sellers are not eligible for any HDB rental at for thirty (30) months after the sale of their existing flat. After 30 months, they must comply with all prevailing eligibility conditions before applying to HDB for a rental flat.

Outstanding Housing Loan

Sellers are to check with the HDB / Bank on the outstanding housing loan that has to be discharged.
If they have obtained an HDB loan, they can check the outstanding loan via the My HDBPage (select “My Flat”; then “Financial Info” under “Purchased Flat”).

CPF (Plus Accrued Interest) to be refunded

Sellers are to check with the CPF Board on the amount of CPF (plus accrued interest) to be refunded by logging on to My CPF Online Services. If the sales proceeds are insufficient, the cash deposit received from the Buyers will have to be used to reduce any shortfall in the required amount of CPF refund.