Eligibility Conditions for Owners

• Flat owners who wish to sublet their flat must be a Singapore Citizen (SC).
• Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) flat owners are not allowed to sublet their flat

Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)
• SC flat owners who wish to sublet their flat must meet a 5-year MOP

Non-Citizen (NC)* Subletting Quota
Subletting of a flat to one or more non-Malaysian NCs is subject to the NC Subletting
Quota. The NC subletting quota is set at 8% and 11% at the neighbourhood and block level respectively.
It applies to subtenants who are Singapore Permanent Residents and foreigners, but not to Malaysians.
The NC subletting quota also does not apply to the subletting of bedrooms.
When the NC Subletting Quota in a neighbourhood and/or block is reached, flat owners there cannot apply to sublet their flat to any non-Malaysian NCs. They can only sublet their flat to Singaporeans and Malaysians. Flat owners can use HDB e-Service: Enquiry on the Non-Citizen (NC) Quota for the Subletting of Flat on the HDB InfoWEB to enquire if their flat can be sublet to non-Malaysian NCS.

Flat Owner’s Responsibilities
• Making sure the flat is sublet to eligible subtenants only;
• Making sure that there is no overcrowding and the number of subtenants does not exceed the maximum number allowed;
• Making sure that your subtenants have entered and are remaining in Singapore lawfully at all times (while the subletting is ongoing);
• Making sure that your subtenants do not further sublet the flat to other persons;
• Making sure that your subtenants comply with all the covenants in the lease and the provisions of the Housing & Development Act and that you are responsible for all infringements, if any, committed by them;
• Informing the Comptroller of Property Tax, of the subletting approval and termination of subletting;
• Informing HDB of any changes in the subletting agreement;
• Resuming occupation of your flat and ensuring your subtenants vacate the premises when:
• The subletting is terminated, or
• You are no longer eligible to sublet your flat; and
• Surrendering the flat if the flat is repossessed by HDB.

Eligible Subtenants

Subtenants must be:
a) Singapore citizens; or
b) Singapore permanent residents; or
c) Non-citizens legally residing in Singapore who are holders of Employment Passes, S
Passes,Work Permits*, Student Passes, Dependant Passes, or Long-Term Social Visit Passes.
These passes must have a validity period of at least 6 months as at the date of subletting application**.
*Construction workers who are Work Permit holders should be Malaysians.
** Tourists are not allowed to rent HDB flats. Immigration status of non-citizen subtenants may be verified using the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority’s i-Enquiry website. You may also check the Employment Pass and S Pass validity using MOM’s website.


Tenancy / Property Ownership Status

Subtenants must not be tenants/owners of other HDB flats except
• Tenants/owners who are divorced/legally separated; and
• Owners who are eligible to sublet their whole HDB flat
Subtenants must not be owners of Executive Condominium units where the 5-year minimum occupation period has not been met.
Subtenants must not be tourists.

Minimum Subletting Period

Flat owners are not allowed to sublet the flat on a short term basis.
The period of subletting to each subtenant per application must not be less than 6 months.

Maximum Subletting Period

The maximum subletting period allowed is 3 years per application or as indicated in the approval letter, whichever is shorter.

However, for subletting involving non-Malaysian NC subtenants, the period of subletting per application is 1.5 years or as indicated in the approval letter, whichever is shorter.

NCs refer to Singapore Permanent Residents and foreigners. You are required to apply each time you sublet your flat or when you renew the subletting tenancy

Application For Approval
You must obtain HDB’s approval before you sublet your whole flat.

You can submit the application online at My HDBPage; or obtain the application form from any HDB Branch or download the application form and print it.

If the flat owner is overseas during the subletting period, there must be a properly appointed Attorney to act for him in the management of the flat.

A certified true copy of the Power of Attorney (POA), prepared In accordance with HDB’s standard format and which has been lodged with the High Court, must be furnished (Please consult your solicitor on the POA).
Eligibility Conditions For Owners

You are allowed to sublet your bedrooms if you own a 3-room or bigger flat. Owners of 1 and 2-room flats are not allowed to sublet their bedrooms


Registration Of Subletting
• You must register the subletting with HDB within 7 days from the commencement date of the subletting.
• You can register online at My HDBPage.
• You are also required to notify HDB of the subsequent renewal and termination of the subletting and changes to your subtenants or subtenants’ particulars within 7 days \from the dates of the events.
• You must provide your subtenants’ particulars and other subletting details at the time of registration and inform HDB of any subsequent changes