Lease a Property

You are looking to rent a place or simply just prefer to rent as a lifestyle choice.
Whatever your situation, our leasing team are well versed in the property rentals within Singapore.

Arranging a tenancy

Arranging a tenancy through MegaMax Global Pte Ltd is very straightforward. Below we have given some guidance on how the process flows, but for further information do not hesitate to contact us at
Main Line:  +(65)6422 1177
Fax Line:    +(65)6422 1178
Email:[email protected]

The following are the process flows, we would do to ensure you have you a pleasant stay and nothing short.

  • 1. Finding the right property
  • 2. Viewing properties
  • 3. Making an offer
  • 4. Acceptance of your offer
  • 5. The tenancy agreement
  • 6. An independent inventory
  • 7. Rent and deposit
  • 8. Completion and check-in.