Director Board

Mr. Jason Law


Mr. Law is the highly respected executive chairman of Megamax Global Group of Companies, a renowned property guru and a high impact speaker. His impressive background makes him a natural for the real estate industry. With his ability to identify and develop opportunities, he is nowadays known in his business community as a highly successful, modern-day businessman who influenced many entrepreneurs in delivering concrete results in their companies. His great business vision and strategic acumen has inspired many and he is highly sought after by the media for his business vision and strategic acumen. The very prestigious Global Business Magazine itself wrote a splendid piece on the property guru


Mr. Spencer Ngui

New Business Development

Mr. Ngui is defined by his great passion for business and his insider knowledge of the property investment market. His ability to tap into a wide network of colleagues, as well as strong conceptual, analytical and business skills, have helped Mr. Ngui become a savvy property investor himself. With an interest in particular in the Asian region, he has researched and invested personally in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Australia. Prior to joining MegaMax Global, he was first a Corporate Advisor and later, a General Manager with a world premier real estate company in Singapore. Before that, he had been appointed Lieutenant Colonel and later, Head of the Intelligence Branch for the 2 largest operational formations in the Republic of Singapore Navy. Mr. Ngui resigned from service in 2011, but not before receiving several SAF training awards in recognition for his consistent, commendable performance and conduct during his service in the RSN.

Spencer Ngui brings an impressive set of skills to the table, starting with real estate, marketing and business administration. He was sponsored for his Bachelor of Engineering degree from the National University of Singapore in 1990 and again sponsored for his Masters of Business Administration postgraduate degree from the University of Western Australia in 2001. He also graduated from Singapore Command & Staff College in 1999. During his tour in the SAF, he also earned a Master of Science degree from Nanyang Technological University in 1997 and a postgraduate Marketing Advance Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK in 2002.

With his undeniable enthusiasm for the real estate industry, thirst for knowledge and deep understanding of diverse global marketplaces, Mr. Ngui is a true asset to our company and clients.


Mr. Ryan Heng


Mr. Heng brings many years of real estate experience to the business, playing a pivotal role in every team development aspect of MegaMax Global: from assisting with the crafting of the sales strategy for the company, to bringing the team of associates to the next level through training programs, developing recognition programs or facilitating network support. A devoted real estate agent at heart, Mr. Heng’s enthusiasm and specialist expertise of the real estate world launched him from the initial full time realtor poll position in 2006, all the way to the top of the corporate ladder as Senior Group Division Director in 2014. In 2012 he was entrusted with a small team of 20 high integrity brokers ready to take on the real estate world. That team he later grew to 60 and eventually, 120 top producers were working under his wing. For this wonderful achievement, he was awarded 2d runner up for the Top Group Associate Director.

Mr. Heng’s commitment to a premium level of training, his leadership skills and hard work are a testament to the very high standards of success that he and his team strive to achieve.


Ms. Mandy Yap KEO


Ms. Yap is a lady with strong determination and clear principles in life – one of which is “being prepared”, as the foundation of any success. She’ll tell you that luck happens when hard work meets opportunity, something that anyone can strongly see reflected in her personal and professional life.

Hard work, a clear direction and many years of working experience in management has seen Ms. Yap develop strong customer service, organisational and leadership skills. Ms. Yap started out in a management team specialised in imports & export in a well-known logistics company handling prestigious clients like Hewlett Packard & D-Link. Later on, she was headhunted to join a globally listed company specialised in the design, manufacturing and marketing of advanced voice and data communications solutions. There she had the opportunity to lead a logistic team taking care of global customers, from the Netherlands all the way to the African markets.

Ms. Yap is an exceptional listener and enjoys developing long-lasting relationships in order to better understand her clients’ true goals and dreams. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, and proudly displays a REA certificate on her office wall. Whether she is talking about property investing, working with buyers & sellers or analysing market trends, Ms. Yap is clearly devoting herself without reservation to achieve success in all aspects of her life.