Company Profile


MegaMax Global is an up and coming, progressive investment management boutique opening to Singaporean and foreign investors the doors to a whole new world of opportunities. The customer-centric company was established to cater for those ambitious local and international investors wishing to use high capital growth property as a means of wealth creation. A highly respected and award-winning management team heads our company and their breadth and depth of business experience is unparalleled in the industry. In the real estate market, Mr. Jason Law, Mr. Spencer Ngui, Mr. Ryan Heng and Ms. Mandy Yap are renowned among colleagues and clients alike for their extensive consulting experience, integrity, loyalty and professionalism.


At the core of MegaMax’ heart stays our “customer for life” philosophy and we are committed to providing you with credible, unrivalled customer service that exceeds your expectations. Over the years, we have helped many clients maximise the value of their properties and achieve long-term wealth. We choose only the best to work with us, so our team boasts vast market knowledge and a level of experience that allows them to seize opportunities, speed the process and help you make informed decisions. All of our associates undergo world-class training at our Singapore headquarters and we make it our mission to choose only the brightest top producers with proven track records, an eye for opportunities, as well as a passion for properties with high capital growth potential. The team has marketed many successful projects in the past and is confident that it can achieve the best possible results for you, our prized client.


Our vision is to become the leading wealth creation & investment management boutique in the APAC region, focusing on high economic growth marketplaces & offering visionary investors world-class wealth creation strategies alongside property investments with a high return. We have big plans to expand over time to other hot markets like Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand, so buyers & sellers can expect to see some outstanding opportunities come their way in the near future. We also intend to re-invent the VIP Investor Club with a new Club-House boasting an exclusive wine bar and an Auction Room. A dynamic Educational Centre will also be created, with practical property investment tools & kits that will empower both investors & the community at large.

Are you thinking about retiring earlier or enjoy the feeling of creating wealth for yourself, over and above your regular income? How about taking relaxing holidays over fine dining, in a stress-free lifestyle? This is all possible by simply taking that first step to selling or investing with us, either as a first time investor or a seasoned investor with a larger property portfolio. Looking at the market trends, we believe that residential and commercial property in hot spot business districts in emerging countries like the Philippines is one of the best assets to invest in at the moment. We are so confident about this forecast that we built our whole business around the Philippines Property investment Market!

So, if you would like to take the next step to financial freedom, please call us on +65 90462063 to set up a free consultation. Allow us to show you the possibilities